Carbon Management

Able Lifts is committed to ensuring we reduce our carbon footprint as our business operates and grows. We have trained all our staff and have begun to implement the steps as detailed below:

1. Printing Less Stuff = Using Less Paper

Able Lifts helps reduce this waste by using as little paper as possible, and being smart about the paper we do use. First of all, we don’t print every e-mail. We all organize our Inbox’s to make e-mails easier to find and reference. We make back-up copies of important files and e-mails and keep them on an external drive, instead of storing boxes of paper files. When we do need to print important documents, we make sure we use a sustainable paper, and set our printer or copier to print on both sides of the page. We have client files on our computer, so we can save documents direct to the relevant file instead of printing them out to file.

2. We are Going Digital with our Documents

Able Lifts reduces our paper use and we get contracts and documents signed more quickly by using electronic signatures. We are in the stages of sending proposals, contracts, and invoices entirely through e-mail as PDF attachments. Clients can then e-sign the documents and send them back, and we both have a signed copy without having to print anything, again saving them on our computer backup. Our engineers also use PDA systems

3. Telecommuting

Able Lifts uses initiatives such as telecommuting, where an employee connects to the organisation’s computer network and works from home rather than coming into the office, this can reduce the pollution from employee commutes and decrease the energy used by the business. We also use webcams to have managements meetings instead of using transport to all meet at the office which also reduces energy.

4. Other Areas

Able Lifts also ensures it turns off all equipment in the office when it is not in use. Where possible we use energy saving light bulbs. We also ensure all our staff recycle products where possible and we also try to purchase recycled office equipment if possible. We try to bulk order materials so to reduce the amount of time our suppliers have to deliver. We also try to ensure we order materials for repairs and get them delivered to site to save time on engineers driving around to collect them.

5. On Site

Able Lifts where possible when installing new light units or replacing existing units use energy saving light bulbs. On modernisations we use new green controlled lift panels. We ensure all waste is disposed of correctly and recycled if possible.

6.The Future

Able Lifts is committed to continually improving all areas it can with regards to its carbon footprint and update this document regularly.