Environmental Policy

Able Lifts is committed to providing a professional lift maintenance service, repairs, installations and modernisations. The business recognises that its day-to-day operations impact on the environment in a number of ways, and Able Lifts wishes to minimize the potential harmful effects of such actions wherever and whenever this is practicable.

Able Lifts is committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout its business activities by:

  • Ensuring our activities are safe for our employees, associates, delegates and others who come into contact with our work
  • Complying with or exceeding legal requirements
  • Accepting reasonable responsibility for any harm to the environment caused by our activities and taking reasonable steps to remedy any damage
  • Monitoring purchasing practices and internal operations including energy and transport to ensure best use of natural resources and minimum environmental impact
  • Reducing wherever possible, the environmental impact of goods and services supplied by adopting a ‘cradle to grave’ assessment and responsibility for them
  • Minimising the waste produced in all parts of our business
  • Seeking to integrate environmental considerations into future business policy decisions
  • Ensuring associates understand and are accountable to these policy goals through communication and training
  • Communicating the policy as appropriate to customers and suppliers Developing systems to implement and review this policy